About The Suspect

look into my eyes

My formal education is in mathematics and compelling computers to do stuff. I spent a few years supporting my wife’s medical education as an employee at venture funded start-ups in Salt Lake City, before co-founding Puppet Labs. After my departure from Puppet Labs, I wrote some things, and worked on more startups.

I observed and contributed to a fair amount of experimentation concerning technologies, processes and people.

I’m doing my best impression of a responsible adult with a wonderful wife and two beautiful sons.

I like solving problems. I also like causing problems.

Hard to say which one I’m better at. . . but I always have something to do.

I’m interested in public speaking, self improvement, good food, analytics, startups, and technology in any combination.

If I’ve ever caused you any problems, I’m sorry. If I’ve ever helped you with anything, I also apologize.