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New Beginning: Cloudscaling

Cloud Rising

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. --Seneca

Some of you already know this, but last week I joined the Cloudscaling team fulltime.

Cloudscaling helps organizations transition towards the application centric operations models that analysts/the blogosphere/random people can’t seem to define well (or quit arguing about) but refer to in generalizations as ‘cloud computing’.

We have a few interesting developments coming and a couple big projects we can’t quite speak freely about yet, but we provide strategic consulting and implementation assistance, especially for large organizations looking to invest in internal IaaS resources or to differentiate themselves as public IaaS providers.

So far, I’ve been getting up to speed on our projects and the tools, in addition to learning some things that I’ve typically been somewhat removed from, like layer 2 networks and other details most developers (and even many sysadmins) take for granted in their day to day.

The bottom line is Cloudscaling is working on pushing the boundaries of ‘Infrastructure is Code’. We can agnostically evaluate and implement solutions using the best tools and track the evolution of the space. We have a team with both breadth and depth up and down the technology, from the datacenter to virtualization, from hardware to APIs.

I’m really excited to be part of the team (although there’s some great people not on that page, like Lew Tucker ex-Sun Cloud CTO who just joined our board of advisors)¬†and I’m expecting big things and a great year from us.

Look for some systems management and cloud related thoughts from me on the cloudscaling blog


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