turn the page

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
–Dr. Seuss

I’m no longer part of Reductive Labs. While this development is not quite heart breaking, I am always sad to leave behind something that I care about, but I also understand and feel strongly that this will be better for everyone.

Since raising venture funding, Reductive Labs has been building an adept team. That team has a critical mass in Portland, OR. There are now eight people there and I am tied to Salt Lake City for the near future, and who knows where for the next few years. Staying aligned with everything that Reductive Labs was doing and needed was becoming more and more of a challenge.

Puppet is a great tool and organizations get a lot of value from it. There are some exciting Puppet developments underway which present unique challenges and opportunities for both the technology and the business. I will now watch them from afar.

My involvement with Reductive Labs has been a period of pronounced growth. I learn many lessons about business and technology, that would have been difficult to learn any other way. I thank Reductive Labs and Luke Kanies for sharing the opportunity.

For the next month or so, I’ll spend more time with my family (when I’m not at the climbing gym and getting massages) and sort through a couple ideas.

Part of me wants to continue pushing the Infrastructure Renaissance forward in some capacity, and part of me wants to build something awesome, and part of me wants to work on stuff that matters.

Maybe there is a good way to combine them all together…

There are a lot of interesting problems in the world… (to solve or cause)

Insurmountable opportunity…

What are you going to do next?

7 responses to “turn the page

  • Bryan McLellan

    Here’s to hoping your path keeps you in the Configuration Management community, it will be less without you.

  • Pavel

    Does that mean you can do Wing Tsun again? Or Aikido? Or Jiu-Jitsu?

  • stochasticresonance


    I appreciate that. I have a couple options that will keep me around. Either way, I think I want to focus on building more things in the next year or so than I did in the last one.


    Uhm, maybe? I was thinking of taking up rock climbing and we have a 1/2 marathon coming up.

    You Russians with your violent tendencies… 🙂

  • Anon

    Was co-located staff a mandate of the people who did the funding ? Don’t have to answer if you don’t feel like it. Hope your reflective posts continue, including (I’m hoping) a few frank ones about the current state of the config mgmt business. Best Wishes

    • stochasticresonance

      No, not that I’m aware of.

      There are other True investments with distributed teams.

      I personally prefer co-location, and that was a contributing factor, but not a primary one.

      I have a few posts on IT management and Open Source Business bubbling up, so hopefully you won’t be disappointed.

  • Anon

    Would you still recommend Puppet ? Or Chef ? 😀

    • stochasticresonance

      My recommendation would depend on who you are and what your needs are. Should you use PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, Erlang, etc to build your web app?

      Both frameworks have advantages and disadvantages depending on your perspective and management needs. Luke and Adam might disagree on the fine details, but regardless, either choice is a huge advantage over a bundle of scripts and a pile of images or other ‘sysadmin best practices’.

      I’ve said this before, but the number of unmanaged and poorly (Read:meatcloud) managed systems dwarfs all the Puppet/Chef/CFEngine/B2cfg installations combined and you should use what makes the most sense to you.

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