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meatcloud manifesto

GUI installers are evil…


You might need to have a little wizard to walk through setting stuff up the first time for the uninitiated, but if you think you are doing the poor hack who has to install your stuff on hundreds of machines any favors, you got another thing coming.

If you don’t provide some way to install your software fully unattended, please do not sell it to schools, businesses, non-profits or religious organizations with more than one person.

You might as well be killing kittens.

Actually, that goes for the interface to running applications as well.

I think we need the Open Meatcloud Manifesto… (because the world needs more manifestos and this is the perfect date to start a movement)

Let me see what I can work up…

  • scribble* *scribble* *erase* *scribble* *crumple* *scribble*

I’ll keep it short and simple:

We hold these truths to be self-evident

We hold these truths to be self-evident

Show your support for this movement by making your own copy of the manifesto and posting the pictures.

(Special privileges will be bestowed on those willing to tattoo the manifesto… on their forehead.)

No meatclouds were harmed in the making of this manifesto.

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n


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