Ok, the last few months have been insane…

August started with a week in Toronto at Agile 2008, which I started to write a post about.  Then I looked up when it was 2000 words and had at least 5 clearly deserving topics.  At about this point I realized I had too much real work piled up to justify untangling the topics, so I just left it as a draft, but I’m hoping to get through all those thoughts in the next few weeks.

August ended with the Utah Open Source Conference, which, all things considered, was pretty much awesome.  ~550 people came out of the woodwork for a local conference in a place where Linux battles with Sex, not too shabby.  I had a great time, reconnected with old friends and made a couple new ones.  Also got the opportunity to give my first hour long Puppet talk (slides), which I think went pretty well.  I underestimated the time it would take to get through some of the code examples, but that just left more time for questions, which filled out the hour.

I’ll do better next time 🙂

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